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How to plot different spec limit for different group

For example: I have a data table including 2 columns:

Value Group

12  1

65  2

13  1

67 2

Group 1 and Group 2 has different spec limits. How can I set them up and plot the corret spec limit in Graphic builder?



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Re: How to plot different spec limit for different group

Here is one method for doing what you want.  It envolves splitting the data into separate columns, and then setting spec limits for the split columns.  Finally the data are plotted using Graph Builder.


names default to here(1);

dtSplit = dt << Split(
	Split By( :sex ),
	Split( :height, :weight ),
	Remaining Columns( Drop All ),
	Sort by Column Property

dtSplit:Name("Height F") << set property("spec limits",{LSL( 57 ), USL( 65 ), Show Limits( 1 )});
dtSplit:Name("Height M") << set property("spec limits",{LSL( 60 ), USL( 70 ), Show Limits( 1 )});

Graph Builder(
	Variables( X( :weight F ), Y( :height F ), Y( :height M ) ),
		Position( 1, 1 ),
		Points( X, Y, Legend( 57 ) ),
		Smoother( X, Y, Legend( 58 ) )
		Position( 1, 2 ),
		Points( X, Y, Legend( 59 ) ),
		Smoother( X, Y, Legend( 60 ) )

You could also just specify to add reference lines to the Graph Builder platform, based upon the different spec limits.


Re: How to plot different spec limit for different group

If you don't want to split your data table, you can use the Process Screening platform (This platform can use your data table as it is currently set up).  I have a blog post that details how to do this.