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How to make a calculus in JMP

How to make a calculus in JMP?


 There is a two dimension of data, for instance, current and time, then in JMP Grapher, we can plot a curve and fit it smooth, for detail, please see photo below.

How much electric quantity will be? that means  I'd like to know how to calculate the area under the curve?

in mathmatic , how to make a calculus in JMP?



Re: How to make a calculus in JMP

See Help > Scripting Index and search for Integrate function. This function performs numerical integration of your expression (fitted model). Use the Help button in the index to get more information about this function.


Likely you will need to save the fitted model as a new column formula and then use a short script to extract the expression from the formula and use it as an argument to the Integrate() function.

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Re: How to make a calculus in JMP

Here is a simple example of @markbailey's suggestion.


Names default to Here(1);

dt = New Table("Example",
	Add Rows( 5 ),
	New Column( "Time",
		Format( "Best", 12 ),
		Set Values( [0, 2, 4, 6, 8] )
	New Column( "I",
		Format( "Best", 12 ),
		Set Values(
			[0.303858872597443, 0.22418155030798, 0.202170635461688,
			0.181779722721203, 0.148724968294765]

//use bivariate for simplicity
biv = dt << Bivariate(
	Y( :I ),
	X( :Time ),
	Fit Polynomial( 3, {Confid Shaded Indiv( 1 ), Line Color( {212, 73, 88} )} ),
			{Min( 0 ), Max( 0.45 ), Inc( 0.05 ), Minor Ticks( 1 )}

//get the prediction formula string
fm = report(biv)[OutlineBox("Polynomial ?")][TextEditBox(1)] << get text;

//get the string to the right of the equal sign and convert the string to an expression using Parse()
fm = Parse(Trim(word(2, fm, "=")));
area = Integrate(fm, Time, col minimum(:Time), col maximum(:Time));

Caption("The area under this curve is " || char(area));




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