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How to customize Quantiles setting for a distribution in JMP?

Hi, there

Below is a example of quantiles for a distribution. The question is how can I change the ith setting to the value I want (eg. 95%th) besides the default setting (100%,99.5%,97.5%,...,0.5%,0.0%)? Appreciate valuable reply, thanks.


100.0% maximum 103.30

99.5%           95.76

97.5%           90.33

90.0%           83.16

75.0% quartile   76.65

50.0% median   69.98

25.0% quartile   63.41

10.0%           57.41

2.5%           50.77

0.5%           41.94

0.0% minimum   29.82

Does anybody know the answer?
Go to "Tables -> Summary" and look at the "For quantile statistics enter value (%)"
The method you suggested is applicable, while can the quantiles table attached to the distribution chart(histogram) be changed?
I don't think there is a way to change the default at this time.



Jun 23, 2011

I don't know of a way to customize all the quantiles that are shown in a Distribution report. However, there is a platform preference (File > Preferences > Platforms > Distribution) called "Set Quantile Increment". If you only want the 95th percentile, you can check the box for this preference and enter a value of 0.95. This will give you a Quantiles report in Distribution that has only two rows (0% and 95%). If you specify a smaller value (such as .1), then you can get the quantiles at each 10% increment.

Michael Crotty
Sr Statistical Writer
JMP Development