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Plotting confidence intervals in parametric survival analysis(Weibull)

Hi all,

I am doing a parametric survival analyses (Weibull), and I would like to plot a curve similar to the one below. I could plot the mean (blue trace below), as JMP gave me the formula for it, but I am not able to plot the confidence intervals as JMP wont give the formula. However I could see the plot (mean and CIs) in the "profiler" of the platform.

The formula to compute row wise mean quantiles that JMP gave me is below, where : Probability is a column with numbers from 0.001 to 1 by 0.001. Delta, Intercept and AGE are regression predictions.  Is it possible to compute row wise confidence intervals using the same formula, knowing standard errors?

Weibull Quantile( : Probability, 1 / Delta, Exp(Intercept+ AGE* :age )

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Re: Plotting confidence intervals in parametric survival analysis(Weibull)


Please see my response to Save formula for 95% CI in parametric survival analysis. In your example, you only have one X variable (AGE), so you might be able to use Fit Life by X.



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