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How to choose multiple color coding in a heatmap?



I am trying to plot a heatmap with some data as shown in the image below.


x and y are the grouping variables and d, a are the coloring variables.

I only see the effect of one coloring variable at a time.

Is it possible to have each cell of the above plot (vertically/horizontally)

divided into two where one cell refers to colors based on d and other based on a?


Is there any other solution that I can use to achieve this? The format of the plot

must remain the same, meaning it should have x and y variables varying as shown

in the above image.


Thanks a lot for your inputs!

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Re: How to choose multiple color coding in a heatmap?

I have not been able to solve your issue with Graph Builder, but I quickly put together a script that you might take and flesh out to solve your issue.



Re: How to choose multiple color coding in a heatmap?

I don't know what your data looks like. 

If x and y are nominal, put them in the x and y roles, rather than the grouping role.

It sounds like A an D are continuous?  and maybe you need a column for the levels in A and D. 

If that is right then put the A and D levels into the x and y grouping roles, and the column you want to color with in the color role.

(... it sounds like there might not be enough dimensions in your data to get the plot you are after?)



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