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Batch Processing

I have multiple folders (4), each folder with multiple files (4), each file with multiple sheets (12), each sheet with a matrix of about 80x20. Speaker sound pressure level vs frequency.


I am looking to extract the data in JMP, put it back on the same folder for each file, for each sheet, and run a simple x by y correlation matrix, where x=the first 10 files and y=the second 10 files, files BUT PICK off and report ONLY the results from the diagonal files.   


I can do this in MATLAB ALL DAY LONG, but need an easy way to script this in JMP.  






Re: Batch Processing

I don't understand the problem. You already have a solution with MATLAB.


You should read the scripting guide to learn how to code in JMP. The JMP scripting language is not the same as any other computer language. It does provide extensive matrix processing but it is not the same as MATLAB.


You can use your MATLAB solution in JMP. The scripting guide describes the functions to perform the necessary actions for JMP and MATLAB to work together.


You want to calculate Pearson's linear correlation coefficient for two sets of ten spectra or curves?

Learn it once, use it forever!

Re: Batch Processing

Not sure I understand why you want to preserve your folder structure. Is there some reason you can't combine the data in to one flat file, or maybe 4 virtually joined tables?


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