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Level II

How to center columns in Tabulate?

Hello All!


I am a fairly new user and would love to know if we can center the columns when we are using the "Tabulate" function. 


I have tried:

- highlighting/right clicking

- adjusting the properties to "center"

- looking at the format settings

- input "center" into the "Set Format( Uniform Format ( 10, 1 ) )" and adding ",center"

- looking at my overall JMP preferences-->Tables 


Thank You!

Super User

Re: How to center columns in Tabulate?

Welcome to the Discussion Community.

I am not a Super User of Tabulate, so I may not be totally correct in my answer.  I checked through all of the messages available to Tabulate (See Scripting Index) and couldn't find anything that would allow the changing of the alignment for the Tabulate cells.

I suggest that you add your ideas to the JMP Wish List

Super User

Re: How to center columns in Tabulate?

So I have found a kluge of a work-around.  Table Boxes, and their StringColBox() columns do allow justification.  Below is a sample sccript that shows the concept.


names default to here(1);
dt=// Open Data Table: big
// → Data Table( "big class" )
Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/big" );

// Create the Tabulate Table, and save it as a data table
(tab = dt << Tabulate(
	Change Item Label( Statistics( Mean, "height" ) ),
	Show Control Panel( 0 ),
	Add Table(
		Column Table( Statistics( Mean ), Analysis Columns( :height ) ),
		Row Table( Grouping Columns( :age ) )
) )<< Make Into Data Table;

// Close the 
thetable =  current data table();
tab << close window;

// Only character fields can be justified, so change the 2 numeric columns to character
thetable:age << data type(character);
thetable:"height(height)"n << data type(character);

// Move the table to a journal, and close the table
close(thetable, nosave);

// Center the fields
jr=current journal();
jr[StringColBox(1)]<<set justify("center");
jr[StringColBox(2)]<<set justify("center");