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How do I make a Customize Menu_Toolbars for ANALYZE


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Jul 11, 2017

Greetings to all experience and experts.

I am using JMP13 now, am facing a simple issue when try addding ANALYZE in the toolbars. It somehow appear as question mark icon. I attach a screen shot with brief description hoping to get your advices on how to solve this issue. Thank you.


Customize_toolbar_ANALYZE_not appearing.jpg


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Dec 13, 2017

Same issue here. I have the same question mark "?" after trying to add the Variability Chart to the ANALYZE toolbars.

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Nov 18, 2015

I have a similar problem in that my Analyze/Quality and Process/Variation / Attribute Gauge Chart icon will not show up in the toolbar.  I've been playing with some settings and found a few things.


I have not been able to reproduce the exact problem you have but I have been able to toggle the Analyze Toolbars with the following options which may be worth investigating. 

  • First is File-Preferences-Menus. This preference gives options to turn on and off some advanced menus.
    •   I have found that when I deselect/uncheck "Design of Experiments" a question mark "?" shows up in the Analyze toolbar with the tool tip of "Specialized DOE Models".  If I try to click it I get an error, "Command "Specialized DOE Models" could not be executed.   It's opposite of the expectation since you'd expect it to show up (and work) when you select it.  Probably a bug, but that is how I have been able to get the check mark to come and go.
    • I have also found that when I select/check "Quality Engineering" I get the "Control Chart Builder" icon to show up in my Analyze toolbar.  When I deselct/uncheck "Quality Engineering" the "Control Chart Builder" icon goes away and I lose the "Quality and Process" options in the Analyze menu item.  This one works as expected but it isn't the toolbar I want to see.
  • Second is the JMP Menu Editor.  Right click in the tool bar - Customize - Menus and toolbars.
    • This shows the menu and toolbar available.  If I open the Toolbars - Analyze drop down I get a list matching what I see on my toolbar.  I have not been able to get anything to happen in this editor, except to break my addin toolbar when I copied the Variability / Attribute Gauge Chart from the menu section down to the toolbar section.  But when I removed it, the toolbar came back in the default setup

Good Luck,