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How do I extract excel filename


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Jun 23, 2011


I can't seem to figure out how to extract the original file name of an Excel workbook that a user selects.  After selecting the appropriate file as shown below, the actual file name I get is the worksheet name (sheet 1), not the original file name (test_data.xls). I'm ultimately trying to rename the originally selected excel file and need the file name, not the opened worksheet name, to accomplish this. Any ideas how I can accomplish this?

dt = Open(

  Pick File( "Select Excel File", "$dir_rawdata/", {"All Files|*"}, ),

  Worksheets( "1" ),

  Use for all sheets( 1 ),

  Concatenate Worksheets( 0 ),

  Create Concatenation Column( 0 ),

  Worksheet Settings(


  Has Column Headers( 1 ),

  Number of Rows in Headers( 3 ),

  Headers Start on Row( 1 ),

  Data Starts on Row( 4 ),

  Data Starts on Column( 1 ),

  Data Ends on Row( 0 ),

  Data Ends on Column( 0 ),

  Replicated Spanned Rows( 1 ),

  Suppress Hidden Rows( 1 ),

  Suppress Hidden Columns( 1 ),

  Suppress Empty Columns( 1 ),

  Treat as Hierarchy( 0 )



fname.old = dt << Get Name;


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Dec 8, 2015


I've managed to extract excelfile name using the word() function:

for example:

Excelfile = pick file ("Select your CSV File(s)", "", {"JMP Files|csv", "All Files|*"}, 1, 0, "", "multiple" );

For ( [logic],

  SampName = Word( -1, Excelfile , "/" );

  ExcelName = Word( 1, SampName, "." );

  file contents = Load Text File( Excelfile );

//use the file cotents to phrase through your rows


the ExcelName will give you the name of your excelfile



Super User


Jun 23, 2011

The file name is part of the "Source" script. I think this works (assuming POSIX path):

fname.old = Word(-1, Arg(dt << Get property("Source"), 1), "/");


Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

Thanks folks for your suggestions,

I was playing around and realized I needed to define a data table from the file selected in the Pick File function: = Pick File( "Select Excel File", ...... Once I did that I was easily able to parse out the file name using the Word function. 

MS, thanks for the clever way of extracting the file name from the Source property.  That was a really clever and learning about the use of -1 Word was very helpful.   


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Dec 8, 2015

Thats a good idea, it all depends on what your script should do. Personally I had the need of reading in several excel files at once, therefore I stored the files into a list and phrased them using for-loops.

Excelfile = {}

Excelfile = pick file ()...

best of luck!