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How can I get MLE for a custom model?

I'm new to JMP so sorry if this is simple. I've read the user manual over and over and cant find the info I need.

I want to find parameters for a custom distribution ideally, or at least use the exponential distribution. Then I want to use it to get MLE for some custom models. I found that I can get MLE with exponential distribution using the "fit model" option and "generalized regression", but I have NO idea how to get it to fit my custom model. I figured out how to fit a simple model, like log(variable), but I don't know how to add parameters to the model.

Alternatively, I can fit my custom model using "nonlinear model" fitting option, but not using MLE on my chosen distribution.

Help please?

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Re: How can I get MLE for a custom model?


Thanks for using JMP.

I think you should be able to use the Nonlinear platform to fit a custom model. Here's an example of using the Nonlinear platform to fit a logistic regression model: Logistic Regression Example in Nonlinear

The Nonlinear platform fits models by maximizing the likelihood function, so it is providing an MLE solution.

Hope that helps,


Michael Crotty
Sr Statistical Writer
JMP Development