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How can I create index from existing data set


I'm kind of new in JMP and would like to get your help. Let me know if following description is not clear.


I have multi-million lines of data and I would like to make new index or label on each row base on the reference data columns. So, the first step, I'm thinking to label on the unique locations (gauges) that to have with 7280 labels from each 'ImageID'. 

In my data table, there are two columns (Pos_x and Pos_y) that I would like to have new label from 'formula' where I may reference on those two value to create the index as those two coordinate pointing the unique location from the Image. And then I may repeat on other Images and locations where I can also reference from other columns.


Data Table Structure

CD  | ImageID | Pos_x | Pos_y | DieID_x | DieID_Y | FieldID_X | FieldID_Y | New Index