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Hiding Intermediate JMP Data Tables


Community Trekker


May 15, 2012


I have a script that creates a number of intermediate data tables.  The final result of the script is a series of bubbles charts.  Unfortunately, between the beginning of the script and the displaying of the last bubble chart, all the intermediate tables are also displayed.  I don't want to see them -- just the bubble charts.  How can I hide the intermediate tables?  I tried using Invisible, but this seems to make a table literally invisible to all following uses of it so that errors occur -- the table is not there.  Any suggestions for hiding the display of a table?




Community Trekker


Jan 23, 2012

don't know if useful, but I use Invisible with success for a similar question.

maybe the difference is that i give a name to the intermediate tables and save them, and later I open them with invisible (I do it in a batch cycle, so i generate several intermediate tables for my needs in different steps, and only in the end I open them to generate the graphs)


Super User


Jun 23, 2011

Make sure you have a variable that references your invisible tables, or else they won't work.  This is straight out of the JSL documentation:

If you want to avoid a window appearing when you create a new data table, use the invisible keyword. 

For example, to create an invisible table Abc with one column of ten rows,

dt = newTable("Abc", invisible, newColumn("X"),addRows(10));

Note: To prevent “lost” data tables created invisibly, you can create an invisible data table only if you assign

it a reference. If you do create an invisible data table without a reference, JMP immediately destroys it, so

any further uses of the table result in errors.

Tip: Once you are finished with an invisible data table, do not forget to close it. Otherwise, it remains in

memory until you quit JMP.

The other thing you can do is to turn a table invisible with the show window(0) command.  In the following example the tabulation is invisible, but when I convert it to a table it is not, therefore I use the show window(0) command:

surv_tab = surv_dataset << Tabulate(

      Show Control Panel( 0 ),

      Add Table(

            Column Table( Grouping Columns( :Time Period ) ),

            Row Table( Grouping Columns( :SOC Name, :HLT Name, :PT Name ) )

      ), invisible


surv_pt_main = surv_tab << make into data table;

surv_tab     << close window;

surv_pt_main << show window(0);