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Help with Col List Box

I'm trying to create a dialog with a Col List Box  (CLB). I populate my CLB using the following:

sourceColList << Append( DataTable1 << Get Column Names() );
sourceColList << Set Analysis Type( Continuous );
sourceColList << Set Data Type( Numeric );
sourceColList << Set Max Selected( 1 );

and when I create my window everything looks fine, and I can select items in the CLB.

But here's the thing: when I click an already-selected item in the CLB, that item disappears. Then if I click on the same spot, successive items continue to disappear without anything being selected. 

Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Help with Col List Box

I have replicated your findings, however I would characterize the issue that when you Double Click on a column name in the list, it is removed. My testing does not show that if you click on a column, wait and then click on it again that it disappears.  I did not find a documented purpose for the double click, so I assume it is a bug and should be submitted to JMP Support.


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