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Discrete Choice Experiment help


I am doing a discrete choice experiment (DCE) on JMP. I am investigating if an individuals favourite colour plays an role when grocery shopping. 

I have made the DCE and I have got the responses. See the attached picture.

In the questionnaire, before the DCE, the respondents are asked about their favourite color.  

However I dont know how to include the responses on the "favourite colour" into the analysis of the DCE. 


All help is appreciated. Thanks. 


Re: Discrete Choice Experiment help

This example on chocolate choice should be relevant. Here "chocolate preference" is added as a subject model effect.


I think you would want to add "favourite color" as a subject effect.


The pizza example in the help documentation and sample data should also help.


From your .png it looks like you are missing a subject ID column - I thought it was "respondent" but respondent #1 has 36 rows and lots of different favourite colours so that doesn't make sense.





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