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Demographics presentation and analysis



How do people typically organize their demographics data compared to nominal x variables (make a "Table 1")? Just tabulate and show numerically? 


Also, what is the best way to analyze demographics effect on your outcomes? For example, if my x variable is patients who got a drug vs. those who didn't, and my y variable is BMI, how can I see the role that race or gender may have on those outcomes?


Thanks for the help!

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Re: Demographics presentation and analysis

The Fit Y by X platform will give you both a crosstab table and a Mosaic plot which is a great way to display your nominal vs. nominal data.


Concerning your BMI vs. drug groups, the Fit Y by X platform will allow you to display the data using Box Plots and also to perform tests of significance on the data.  This is probably the best way to hand that issue.