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Creating categorized line graphs from scatter plot


Hi all, 

I am trying to create a line connecting different points within a scatter plot. For my example, I am trying to create a visual that compares the profile of a subset of variables, "isomers", and I want to create a fingerprint by connecting the points in the scatter plot. 

The first problem I am encountering (green in visual): 

I want to have the 3 different 'types' (near surface, bioactive and deep) on the same y-axis so that I can compare the magnitude of each different profile. The scatter plot is also not adding units in the y-axis. 

The second problem: 

I want to connect the scatter plot points in with a line that is labelled by the 'type'. 


The third problem: 

I want to remove the y grouping and simply change that to a labelled line. 


Sorry for the rough drawing, but I would like the graph to look something like this below: 



This would be similar to the plots you would get from running a MANOVA. 


Thanks ahead of time for any help! 



Re: Creating categorized line graphs from scatter plot

I am not sure if I understand what you want so this answer might be 'way off the mark.'


You data table should be 'tall.' One column each for Concentration, Isomer, and Type. Drag Concentration to the Y drop zone. Drag Isomer to the X drop zone and drag Type to the Overlay drop zone. You can customize the resulting legend. A single scale will result so you can compare the plots of each Type.

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Re: Creating categorized line graphs from scatter plot

Is this the type of graph you want?  As @markbailey also indicated, I am having a bit of an issue with exactly what you want


This graph is created by dragging in 3 separate columns.  It allows for the axes for each to be independent.  Also, if you note on the top (blue line graph), the Units column property is being displayed, (in).

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