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Creating a Gauge R&R


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Feb 21, 2012

I assume I am missing something very obvious, but I am at a loss as to how to create a gauge study.  Minitab has a command to "Create Gage R&R Study Worksheet."  Is there something analogous in JMP?  I want to enter the number of parts, opers, repeats, etc., and have JMP create a table so I know what experiments to run and in what order.  (I found how to analyze such a table, but not how to create one.)


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Feb 23, 2012

I don't think JMP has a canned way to do this the way that Minitab does. As I recall, I have had to design a full-factorial with the number of levels I wanted for parts, operators, etc., using randomization when creating the actual table, but it's been a while since I last did this.




Apr 26, 2012

Yes, JMP is quite capable of building a full factorial Gauge study with replicate runs. Its under the DOE tab in the menu bar, under Full Factorial Design. Very easy to use.



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Jul 27, 2013

Yes, but for some reason a full factorial in JMP only offers 9 levels. The typical recommenation for a Gage RR study is 10 parts, 2-3 operators and 2 repetitions. (AIAG, 2003).

9 or 10 shouldn't really make a difference if not my company had it as a standard. So I have to use 10 and set up the table manually...

It seems to me that I should be able to use a Customized DOE, but I can't control the table layout (I'm new to JMP I should say). I want the table to be set up randomly with respect to parts and repetitions, but ordered with respect to operators. Is that possible?


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Jun 23, 2011

JMP 11 will allow more than 9 levels for categorical factors in a Full Factorial design.



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Jun 4, 2014

You could use the DOE platform to create the gage study table and then use a Col Shuffle formula to randomize the parts within the parts column.

When creating the DOE matrix (i.e. the gage study table) represent each part by a number (1,2,3,...) then do the following:

1) Add a formula to the part column (right click on column header --> select Formula).

2) Once the formula menu is opened, in the function list select "Random", a list will open

3) From the list select "Col Shuffle" (down towards bottom of list)

4) Click on the Apply button and you will see your part column randomize before your very eyes.

Creating a formula:

Col Shuffle: