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Creating Subject-IDs

How do I create a column that merely numbers all of the data. I already have all of my data ready, I just need a column to use that is 1-etc. for the Subject-ID. Thank you!

Super User

Re: Creating Subject-IDs

Right click on a new column and select New Column.  Click on Initialize Data and select Sequence Data.  Enter your desired values for From, To and Step.

Level III

Re: Creating Subject-IDs

If you need the data/row number to update whenever you add or delete rows, you can create a column with a simple formula. Add a new column and then right-click on the header/name of the new column and select Formula. In the formula window click on Row in the Functions(grouped) list and then click on Row in the pop-up list of functions. The formula "Row()" will appear in the formula box. Click OK.

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