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Copying charts to Google Slides


Community Trekker


Jul 28, 2014

I like to put presentations together in Google Slides. When I want to add JMP charts to my Google Slides presentations I typically select the chart in JMP then copy and paste it directly into Google Slides. This has the advantage of being fast however the resolution of the images is generally not great. I've managed a general work around for this by forcing the original image to be much larger than the final image size but this doesn't work that well. Alternatively, I've also found I can copy charts from JMP and paste them into PowerPoint using paste-special, re-size, and then copy them into Slides. This give much better image resolutions but can be tedious when doing it many times for the same presentation. Does anyone else have experience copying and pasting JMP charts into Google Slides? Any good tricks for increasing the image quality?



Jun 23, 2011

Hi Tom,

There are a few options.  If you would be ok with uploading and inserting images into the Google slide, then that presents more options.  On Windows, you can save the images as 300 DPI for JPEG or PNG (Preferences->Windows Specific->Copy/Drag Formats->Resolution(DPI) for PNG and JPEG Images).  On the Mac, the Mac OS Settings under Preferences offers a variety of formats that can be exported.  You can set a Clipboard Image Scale factor for many of the formats to essentially get more bits for your image.

In JMP 12, we offer export to Powerpoint (PPTX) with JMP Reports.  You could then use the Google Slides import facility to just import the slides directly into your deck.

I hope that helps.

Brian Corcoran

JMP Development