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Level V

Bug with publish file


see the 2 images.
when I 've made a publish file, there was a pb with a curve (blue and red for the 5th curve).
a solution?

best regards

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Re: Bug with publish file

Hello, would you be able to share the data and script used to create this report, so I could look into the problem?  If you are unable to share the data, perhaps saving the JSL used to create the report would allow me to try to recreate the problem with similar types of data using sample data.

Level V

Re: Bug with publish file

hi, can you give me a private mail to send you data and jsl?


or  I can show you with teams.


best regards

Community Manager Community Manager

Re: Bug with publish file

@Françoise, if you're unable to post a sample here to demonstrate the problem, please contact our Tech Support department ( They can help you. Our development staff is not able to respond privately here or provide support via email.