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Level III

Bubble plot animation - gif loop count and speed

Using JMP 17.

1. Bubble plot keeps looping until stopped. Can we set the number of loops?

2. When saving to gif, in also loops endlessly. (to change it might need to find some gif editor).

3. When saving to gif, speed is too fast, faster that the speed set on the jmp platform.


Any advice?




Re: Bubble plot animation - gif loop count and speed

Hi @RonB RonB,

I am fairly sure that it is not possible to have that amount of control when generating .gifs from bubble plots or other animated visuals in JMP. The capability to save as gif is fairly basic in JMP.  I think it is really only intended as a quick and simple way to generate gifs for pasting into PowerPoint (or other).

You can request new features in The JMP Wish List. Have a look - someone may have already requested these options.

Personally, my solution would be to use dedicated screen capture software that has the kind of editing options that you want. I use Camtasia but I am sure there are many other options, including freeware.

I hope this helps,