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サプライヤーのプロセスを改善するための戦略の再分析 _Yu Tao(2022-JA-25MP-11)




Applied Materials, Supplier Engineer ,Yu Tao



In situations of IP sensitivity, the ability to provide guidance to supplier for continued process improvement is challenged. This presentation introduces a methodology to address this. It uses retrospective analysis to separate the special cause from common cause, leading to establishment of achievable process target with improved controls and performance capability. JMP tools like ANOVA, each pair t-test, 3 way control chart, and goal plot are fundamental instruments to this methodology.



From Santa Clara, California, Tao Yu leads global supplier engineering effort on coating and adhesive at Applied Materials. Tao holds a PhD in Polymer Materials Science. He has worked in the R&D role with various industries, where he practiced JMP learnings into product design and process optimization. Tao’s recent interest in quality engineering motivated him to seek greater utilization of JMP tools and statistical guidance. Tao is STIPS certified, now working on black belt certification.
カリフォルニア州サンタクララ出身。アプライド マテリアルズでコーティングと接着剤のグローバルサプライヤーエンジニアリングを統括。高分子材料科学の博士号を取得。さまざまな業界で研究開発業務に携わり、JMPの知見を製品設計やプロセスの最適化に活かしてきた。近年、品質工学に興味を持ち、JMPのツールや統計ガイダンスをより活用することを目指す。STIPSを修了し、現在、Sixsigmaのブラックベルトの認定を取得中。