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John Sall, JMP
Joseph Morgan, JMP
Julian Parris, JMP
Aurora Tiffany-Davis, JMP


For many applications, JMP is like a blank slate, waiting for you to decide what to do. However, sometimes it’s better to start with more than a blank slate. Sometimes you want a guided experience. For some time now, JMP has had guided experiences and wizards for such tasks as opening spreadsheets, importing data and accessing databases. But it’s time to take it to the next level for more general applications:


  • Action Recording, introduced in JMP 16, has been a great enabler to bridge the two worlds of the interactive and the automated. It allows you do the work interactively and then use the recording to make a script for the same work the next time. JMP 17 takes that to the next level, wrapping the recorded actions into a workflow environment where you can edit, customize, debug, generalize and save without ever needing to see the underlying code. Julian Parris demonstrates the new Workflow Builder in JMP 17.
  • For engineers new to designing and analyzing experiments, JMP can now guide you through all the steps of the experiment. Joseph Morgan explains how Easy DOE makes this process easier than ever before by providing a guided workflow in a wizard-like unified environment that helps make all the best decisions for you, sparing you from the burden of having to figure it all out.
  • There’s also a middle path for applications such as medical review of clinical data. The standardization of the data model, with CDISC, enables a semiautomated path to the analysis. JMP Clinical begins a new era with a much faster, more flexible, more full-featured environment for analyzing clinical data.
  • Once you have accessed and refined your data, and produced a compelling analysis, what is the natural next step? Sharing your findings with others in your organization. JMP Live makes this natural next step easy and powerful. You can share an interactive JMP analysis with your colleagues, even if they don't use JMP themselves. In this way, you can use JMP Live to help drive decisions in your organization. In a JMP Live space, collaboration permissions can easily be turned on to allow you and your trusted colleagues to see, download, or even edit and replace each other's data and reports. These flexible collaboration spaces can increase the speed and the ease of learning in your organization.

Whether your work can be planned ahead or is a wild path of exploration and serendipity, JMP has the modes to make your work speedy, efficient and productive, while keeping you in an environment of discovery.