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A JMP® Add-In for Teaching Statistical Inference Using Resampling Methods


Donald W. McCormack, JMP Enablement Engineer, SAS
Mia L. Stephens, JMP Academic Ambassador, SAS

Despite advances in technology and the availability of interactive software and teaching tools, it is still common to use normality-based methods, and even look-up tables, to teach statistical inference in both academic and commercial settings. This puts a heavy burden on students, who must struggle through difficult theory before they're taught how to make decisions and draw inferences from data. Interactive computer simulations and resampling methods can help bridge the gap between graphs and summary statistics and inference, expediting the learning process and providing a gentler and more natural transition. In this talk, we demonstrate a newly created add-in for performing randomization tests in JMP. We will describe the different resampling methods available in the add-in, and will see how to use resampling methods to explore test statistics, empirical sampling distributions, and p-values for standard hypothesis tests involving means and proportions.

The second beta version of this add-in is now available at (8/31/2015): Randomization Test Add-In



A beta version of this add-in is now available at Randomization Test Add-In.

The second beta version of the add-in has been posted atRandomization Test Add-In.  This version addresses some minor bugs, and includes color-coding of observations in samples according to the original group (in the two unpaired groups test).

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