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Level XI

advantages and disadvantages of My JMP ID


triggered by a post of @dale_lehman aka @dlehman1  in How do I interpret Central Limit Theorem? ...


As the topic seems to belong here, I want to cite some ideas from the original post:


@dlehman1 wrote:

One addition to Mark_Bailey's comment.  The rule of thumb for sample size and the CLT also depends on kurtosis.  When kurtosis is high, much larger sample sizes are required before the sampling distribution of the mean approaches a normal distribution.  As with most rules of thumb in statistics, they are reliable until they aren't.  Simulating data to explore this is often a good way to see how the sample size is related to the sampling distribution.


I want to reiterate a complaint I have about the redesign of the Community (since it doesn't seem to belong anywhere else).  To comment now requires that I get a code first.  I used to save my login information and could quickly comment.  Now, I had to create a new login because my university email quarantines the code for a day, and then go to my other email to get the code in order to comment.  For me, at least, this is a more cumbersome process and makes me less likely to engage in the discussion.  Also, I really don't see the importance of the multi-factor authorization here - it seems like an unnecessary concern.  That is part of another ongoing complaint I have about IT departments in general - MFA has become the mantra of IT departments everywhere, regardless of how users feel about it.  Frankly there are many websites that I don't care about my identity being exposed.



@hogi wrote:

 it's still single factor: the password is replace by a verification code (sent via email)
Nevertheless - compare to a password that is save in the browser settings - it feels like MFA due to the multiple steps: open email app, copy code, paste code


 @Ryan_Gilmore , any chance to specify a secondary (private) email address to get the verification code 2x in parallel?


I hope a Cookie will save the credentials for a loooong long time (> 1 year?)

same for Jmp activation via myJMP verification code ...



Level XI

Re: advantages and disadvantages of My JMP ID

What is the current "expiry time" for a myJmp "token"?


Or are there specific dates (2024-01-17, ...) when all users have to log in again?