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Level I

Alignment issue for Community Forum

Hi Friend's,

Does any one notice alignment issue under community profiles. Is this happening to everyone? 
Check the reference image



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Re: Alignment issue for Community Forum

You are not alone. For me it happens on



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Re: Alignment issue for Community Forum

Same as you @johnsonit and as @Craige_Hales mentioned, it happens systematically on the notifications page ... :



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Re: Alignment issue for Community Forum

Hi. Thank you for reporting this issue. We are working on a fix. There may be other pages that exhibit similar behavior which we are continuing to identify and apply the new styling.

Level III

Re: Alignment issue for Community Forum

This isn't really the right place for this, but it may be close.  I have two complaints about the changes in the Community Forum.  First, the new login procedure is designed to be easier - thus far, it is not.  The verification code gets caught in my university's spam filter.  So, I actually created a second account now so I could enter this comment.  I'm sure this will eventually get easier, but the old procedure worked for me, and thus far, the new one does not.


More importantly, just today I notice you've changed the format of the initial Community web page.  I think it is a very poor design - much wasted space, large uninformative boxes, and the actual discussions are sort of buried on the page.  At least for me, my primary use of the Community Forum - which access virtually every day - is to see what questions and answers people have.  The new design seems to relegate that to less importance than "advertising" boxes about features, events, etc.  Perhaps I am alone, but if you had tested this design on a user like me, you would have heard clearly that this is not an improvement.

Level VIII

Re: Alignment issue for Community Forum

Hi @dlehman1 , not sure it's the right place either, but I think it needs to be said, and I fully agree with everything you've said. The new login procedure is more cumbersome than helpful and the layout of the initial Community page feels like more advertisement pages than community-based pages. I also preferred the previous version of the Discussion pages, as there seems to be a lot of wasted space on these pages as well, although much less "advertisement".


Hi @johnsonit , same with the others, the notifications page is formatted funny.

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Re: Alignment issue for Community Forum

We understand the new login procedure has made it more difficult for some and are investigating other options for verification.


The home page was designed based on the feedback to a survey we conducted with the JMP User Platform (see Welcome Home ). We do have plans to adjust the home page display so that is better aligns with the needs of the different levels of users. For example, a new user to Community will see the current display while someone with a Level V or higher would see a different layout/content.


Thank you for the feedback.

Community Manager Community Manager

Re: Alignment issue for Community Forum

The Notification Feed page now has the proper styling. Thanks again for letting us know.