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Mastering JMP

This will be my first blog post to our Wasatch Front user group page, and it will be a fairly simple one. I’d like to highlight one of the things that I love about JMP, but in this case it’s more about the company than the software.  I often find myself helping others who are new to JMP (and I still include myself in this category) so I’m constantly looking for ways to make learning it easier. One of the things that I love about the company is that they put time and effort into helping us get the most of their cool tool—and much of it is free and online.  So, this post I’d like to highlight their Mastering JMP series.

The Mastering JMP series consists of two main areas to help newbies get going.  First, they have live webcasts.  These are essentially demonstrations where you can ask questions and be introduced to many of the features that JMP contains.  They are easy to register for and they provide a relatively painless way of asking questions about a technique, the software, or just when learning something new.

Check out the live webcasts coming up and register for them at this link:


Second, JMP has On-Demand webcasts.  These are essentially the recorded videos of the live webcasts, but I’ve found many treasures in these videos.  I love the On-Demand because I can watch them anytime, and do so as often as I need to refresh a particular technique (or just where to find the right buttons). These videos can be very useful because even though they aren’t exhaustive in their content they are great at showing the basics and the possibilities of doing things.  The library of webcasts is impressive.  You can find everything from DOE to basic stats to predictive modeling.

Check out these On-Demand webcasts here:

On-Demand Webcasts | Mastering JMP

I love the JMP philosophy on providing these webcasts and other user events.  It makes a big difference to me that I can tell that JMP wants me to learn how to use the software and don’t try to make it difficult and expensive to do so.  Efforts like these are what lead me to becoming a cheerleader for a company.

So, sit back, turn on a video, pull out the popcorn and tell the boss your working!

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