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Mar 21, 2013

Wireworld Computer

I just discovered the 20-year-old Wireworld computer, which appears to be just a picture.  It's much more than a picture.  Its a functional piece of art that calculates prime numbers.  It's a description and implementation of a computer.  It must have been a labor of love for the folks that created it.

From the picture I learned about one choice for the only instruction in a One-Instruction computer.  (Load, in this case.  It's very clever.)  I also learned a bit about JSL matrix operations, and how to make JSL fast.  A Windows computer just spent the last month making a set of bitmaps to turn into a video.

Here's some JSL to run the cellular automaton on your desktop.

Martin Gardner's article in Scientific American about John Conway's cellular automaton, Life

Brian Silverman's cellular automaton, Wireworld

Wireworld Computer

this will look a lot better maximized and HD

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