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News Feed

This post uses a list of news feeds collected haphazardly from the web.

If you run this code, your browser will start and show a page containing links to articles from random web sites.

You could see objectionable material and links to malicious web sites.


The JSL shows

  • Using Python to run a package
  • Starting a web browser
  • Using a pair of virtually joined data tables
  • Using a project file
  • Using the JMP scheduler
  • Writing HTML from JMP
  • A tiny web server written in JSL
  • Sockets, random row selection, logCapture, Python date Tuple, and a way to calculate ages like 3 weeks ago


You might want to curate your own list of feeds, or just watch the video overview of how it works (switch to 1080 resolution if your device supports it):


Download the attached and rename it to NewsFeed_Blog_version.jmpprj before opening in JMP 16.

Open the JMPPRJ file to see the project.

Select the MAIN.JSL tab and run it (on Windows - probably can be made to work on Mac as well).

You should see the Microsoft Edge web browser open and start scrolling articles from news feeds.


Using the project:

This is a self-contained JMP 16 project (a .zip file under the covers). When opened, the files in the zip archive are expanded somewhere (a temp directory.) When you edit the JSL in a tab, the tab must be saved before the JSL in another tab can include it. It is saved to the temp directory. There is another project-save icon to save the temp directory back into the project file; it saves the tabs first


  • if you edit a file in a tab, save the tab (maybe not the project) and switch back to the main tab to re-run.
  • save the project to actually save your changes. (Otherwise you just saved the JSL in a temp directory!)


The table can be large and is also saved into the project.

Last Modified: Oct 1, 2021 8:48 AM