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Add Ref Lines to Graphs

Silent videos! If you only watch one, the second one is the general case and will also work for the bivariate case. The difference is whether the platform can handle the <<yaxis() or <<xaxis() message by forwarding it to the Frame Box (bivariate can) or if there might be multiple frame boxes (in a Graph Builder) and you need to pick one.

The videos show using the GUI to add an example ref line, then using Save Script to capture the JSL to make a ref line, then running that snippet of JSL. You could also Use Summary to Automatically Add Reference Lines to Graph Builder .

The first video also shows how to update a ref line through the GUI. It is too easy to miss the update button...

A graph with some reference lines added.A graph with some reference lines added.


Bivariate example. Start your own 3:38 song.



Graph Builder example. Start your own 3:57 song.

Last Modified: Oct 25, 2022 9:44 AM