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ABC Music Video

Six months into social distancing, I'm helping with the child care for my extended family. Is the three year old forgetting the ABC song? I promised him we'd make another video, and we'd do it by writing a program!

The attached code has lots of comments and reuses material from previous posts. There's a data table that looks like this:

Columns describe pictures and notesColumns describe pictures and notes

The JSL reads the table, generates a .wav file, and runs FFmpeg to make the .mp4 video. The image formula in the data table combines the icon and the text so the JSL doesn't need to know too much about the other columns. The column formula builds a display box tree and takes a picture of it. It builds two, actually, one to get the icon's picture scaled up, and a second with the icon's picture next to the very large letters. 

Make a Video in JMP with FFmpeg has some more info about getting and using FFmpeg.


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