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Webcast Descriptions and Files to Download

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JMP Fed Gov Monday Webcasts

November 24 - December 22, 2014

1:00 EST

The goal of this series of webcasts is to help licensees of JMP more quickly come up to speed using this powerful tool.  The plan is to go slower than our normal “demo” webcast so that users can follow along on their computers.  Companion files for each webcast are available below so that users can be working with the same data set as is being shown on their monitors. 

It is suggested that attendees use a computer with two monitors, or run the webcast on a second computer.  If there is a group of users at one site, they might consider running the webcast on a computer connected to a projector in a conference room while attendees follow along on their laptops. 

Attendees will also be able to ask questions directly over the phone.  Please remember to mute your phone when not asking questions.  The webcast will open at 12:50 EST with the content beginning at 1:00 and will last no more than one hour.


Links, Dates, and Topics: Click for detailed descriptions, associated files to download, and webex link.


24 Nov  - Exploring data with the Graph Builder – JMP’s most accessible and interactive tool

Recording of 24 Nov webcast is here.

  1 Dec  - Methods for Quickly Shaping Data for Cluster and Time Series Analyses

Recording of 1 Dec webcast is here.

(You might also like to view these 3 short segments of the Mastering JMP Webcast Preparing Your Data for Analysis.

This excellent webcast is presented by Laura Higgins, PhD.)

  8 Dec    - Building Better Models – Data Mining Methods in JMP and JMP Pro

Recording of 8 Dec webcast is here.

15 Dec    - Basic Design of Experiments (DOE)

Recording of 15 Dec webcast is here.

22 Dec  - Strategies for Analyzing DOEs

Recording of 22 Dec webcast is here.

Previously Recorded  - Definitive Screening Designs - Click here to view recording


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