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Exploratory Data Analysis and Dynamic Graphs



See how to:

  • Uncover relationships visually
    • Use Columns Viewer and Columns View Selector to see summary statistics
    • See Distributions for selected subsets
    • Use Local Data Filter to view Distributions for
      data of interest
    • Use Local Data Filter animation to convert/extract data from columns interactively
    • Save data subsets to table
    • Use Missing Data Pattern and side-by-side data comparisons to identify missing data
    • Use Name Selection in Column to create a new column for data uncovered during exploration
  • Examine patterns using Bubble Plots and background maps
    • Add background maps to Bubble Plots
    • Segment clusters on maps to explore geographic relationships
    • Use Tabulate to summarize data
    • Use Local Data Filter to organize and summarize data
  • Delve into analysis of uncovered patterns
    • Use Table Summary, formulas and groups to reorganize data
    • Perform single-factor (1-Way) ANOVA and use Connecting Letters Report to compare means
    • Build models and interpret Model Effects
    • Perform Bivariate Analysis for different variable groups
    • Use Bubble Plots and animations to interpret patterns over time