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Creating Custom Drill-Down Graphs to Enhance Interactive Reporting

Create and Save Custom Drill-Down Graphs


See how to:

  • Use drill-down hover label preset options to create graphs using next in hierarchy column properties and grouping variables
  • Customize and define drill-down graphs
    • Use Graphlet copy and paste to create graph
    • Define the drill-down sequence from the bottom up 
  • Customize and define drill down graph elements
    • Create Gridlets using the hover label editor
    • Reduce elements in the hover label for a graph
    • Edit text in the hover label for a graph
  • Use advanced features
    • Use CTRL-Click to launch in Place, CTRL-Z or Edit and Undo to go back
    • Use Shift to display graph in Ghost Mode that does not obliterate underlying graph
    • Use JSL to create Textlets that add formatted text to hover labels

Note: Q&A included at times 18:05, 37:49, 38:14, 47:41.

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