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Analyzing Reliability for Repairable Systems



See how to:

  • Discriminate between planned and observational tests
  • Look at serial failures that occur over a period of time (Recurrence Analysis)
    • Run and interpret Event Plot, MCF Plots, Fitted Recurrence Model, Prediction Profiler
    • Fit models and interpret Fitted Recurrence Model Parameter Estimates
  • Examine events and time-to-events to understand if and how system changes influence system reliability (Reliability Growth)
    • Run and interpret Cumulative Events Model and Mean Time Between Failures
    • Create and compare different models to find the one most suited to your situation
  • Forecast failure patterns and resources needed for repairs (Reliability Forecast)
    • Identify major month-to-month product reliability changes, expected failure rates, warranty claim patterns, peaks and cumulative costs, repair staffing requirements
    • Interpret Observed Data, Cumulative Failure Count/Rate
    • Compare Life Distributions, models, and Existing and Future Risk Set Forecasts
  • Resources