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Analyzing Reliability for Non-Repairable Systems



See how to:

  • Determine product life (Life Distribution) for situations with or without multiple failure causes
  • Analyze time-to-event data to determine the lifespan of a product.
  • Determine when a certain percentage of a product will fail or what percentage will fail by a certain time (or other measure of use)
  • Examine Life Distribution 
    • Interpret Sample Output and Event Plots
    • Compare Nonparametric, Lognormal, Weibull, Loglogistic, Frechet, Normal, SEV and Logistic distributions
    • Interpret Parametric statistics and Covariate Metrics
    • Evaluate AICc and BIC
    • Use JMP Pro Profilers (Distribution , Quantile, Hazard and Density Profilers) to help analyze reliability properties
  • Use Accelerated Life Tests on test units at accelerant conditions and then extrapolate back to a standard condition
  • Analyze impact of degradation for substances that change potency or increase impurities over time
  • Perform Destructive Degradation Analysis for situations where identifying the Critical to Quality metric requires destruction of the test sample
  • Perform Stability Studies for new products

NOTE: Q&A is included at times 16:50, 18:40, 19:42, 28:51 and 39:40.