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Initiation of the DOE Feedback Loop!

What is the DOE Feedback Loop, you ask?

The DOE feedback loop is a new initiative by statslikejazz (also known as me) and is brought into the world to make scientists and engineers more open about getting started with DOE.


So, how will the DOE Feedback work in practice? Well… As with everything in my life, it is not thoroughly thought through yet, but here is the Pitch.


I will create a DOE, and you will let me know if it fits your needs.


1) If YES, I am done (Yay)

2) if NO, I will make a new one based on your feedback!


Ok, that sounds like a never-ending story, but it is not! What I wish to create from this initiative is a decision tree where one can get to the design you need by answering a series of yes/no questions!  


In the first DOE, I will cover all designs with 6 – 12 continuous factors and a single Y with no additional weird requirements.



So, if someone asks about that scenario, I will refer them to the original DOE.


Are we done? Are you telling me you have more than just continuous factors?  


Let me know in the comments and the DOE feedback takes another round!

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2023 4:03 PM