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Statistical Decisions Using ANOVA and Regression Course

Started ‎06-30-2023 by
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We’re excited to bring you this free e-learning course on Statistical Decisions Using ANOVA and Regression. The course includes many topics in the fundamentals of statistics, and most lessons build on the lessons before.


This is a course you should probably take in order.

  • Lesson 1 is an introduction to Statistical Concepts, Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis Tests, and the One-Sample t-TestKeywords: Assessing Normality, Standard Error, Confidence Intervals, One- and Two-Tailed Tests
  • Lessons 2 is about ANOVA, including how to deal with Multiple Comparisons and solve for anticipated Power or Sample Size requirements. Keywords: Comparing Group Means, Turkey HSD, Bonferroni, Conservative, Liberal, Experiment-Wise Error Rate
  • Lesson 3 covers regression, beginning with Scatterplots and Correlation, then introducing Simple Linear Regression, and adding complexity with Polynomial RegressionKeywords: Least Squares, Sums of Squares
  • Lesson 4 covers additional complexity: Model Building for Multiple Linear Regression, Combining Factors in Multi-Way ANOVA, Evaluating Assumptions, Model Interpretation, and what to do When Things Go WrongKeywords: Interactions, Profiler, Box-Cox Transformation, Collinearity, VIF, Mahalanobis and Jackknife Distance Statistics, Influence, Leverage
  • Videos of the solutions to the capstone practices in Lesson 5 can be found in the Learning Center.

The demonstrations in this course were recorded in JMP 14. If you are using JMP 15 or higher, you might notice some changes to the interface, such as additional menu items or options in dialogs. These changes do not affect the course content and should not affect your ability to follow along with the course.


You can go to Help > New Features to view a PDF of the new features and enhancements. Sample Size Explorer is one new tool you should check out.  Learn more about the  Sample Size Explorer.


Download the course file ( at the top of the page to use in the course.


Please send any feedback about the course to with the title “Feedback on ANOVA and Regression Course” .



    • Lesson 5 is a separate lesson that ends the course with ten capstone exercises  presented with solutions. These exercises provide an opportunity to practice the lessons learned in this course in real-world scenarios.





The GUI is a bit difficult to adjust in the regular workspace. Could have improved with some LMS app. Anyway, thank you very much for the free offering!!


Hi The Zip file to follow the course is not available in the link in "Setting up data for practices" slide. How can I have access to the course journal?

@HelGBrit apologies for that, and for not seeing your comment sooner! We are working on this right now -- I will follow up when we get this resolved.

@HelGBrit We've added a downloadable zipped file at the top of this page. Thanks for your patience!

@HelGBrit The files are now attached to the top of this page.  Just dowload and unzip.