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Meet the JMP Documentation Team

When you install JMP, two forms of product documentation are included.

  • The in-product help. Click the question mark tool on a report or graph in JMP to read help on that item. To open the entire help system, press F1 or select Help > Help Contents.
  • PDF files. Select Help > Books to read the books in PDF. You'll even find one PDF file, called JMP Documentation Library, that contains all 14 books. Try the Adobe Acrobat advanced search (select Edit > Advanced Search) to see an outline view of search results.

In addition to the in-product help and PDF files, we provide help in the following formats:

  • Visit Google to search the help or go directly to
  • Purchase e-books and print books from the SAS bookstore and online retailers. You can buy e-books for Kindle and iBooks readers along with any EPUB-compatible reader.

Who writes the documentation?

The JMP documentation team consists of technical writers and statisticians who write and produce nearly 5,000 pages of documentation. That's a lot of documentation. Here's a quick run-down of the team members:

Susan Conaghan

Susan has a Masters degree in Professional Writing and Editing. Susan was instrumental in reorganizing and modernizing JMP documentation to make content easier to find. Through her coursework in statistics and years of experience as a technical writer, Susan continues to enrich the JMP documentation.

Marie Gaudard

Marie has a PhD in statistics and was Professor of Statistics at the University of New Hampshire for 27 years. She provided consulting services to JMP users, writes JMP books for SAS Press, and continues to teach statistics. Marie's extensive knowledge of JMP and statistics are invaluable.

Michael Crotty

Michael has a PhD in statistics and a background in JMP testing. He's presented at Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), written many blogs, and is very active in the User Community. Michael's investigative and statistical background meshes perfectly with his new role as a statistical writer.

Caitlin McCright

Caitlin works as a technical intern while finishing her B.S. degree in Science and Technology (concentrating in technical writing and computer science). She's worked feverishly to write and produce JMP 12 documentation and has helped us for years during the summer months.

Sheila Loring

I have a B.A. degree in English Literature. My background is in technical writing, documentation processes, and XML implementations. I manage the documentation schedule and work closely with the localization team to deliver localized documentation. I'm the managing editor of the JMPer Cable, a technical publication from the JMP development team. I'm also former president of the Society for Technical Communication, Carolina chapter and continue to be involved in many roles.

Stay tuned for more information about JMP documentation team projects. There's always something exciting going on.

Questions or comments about the documentation? Email us at or leave a comment here. Your feedback is always appreciated.

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