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Using Animated Gifs to Enhance JMP Demos and Blog Posts

For those that are interested in creating their own JMP how-to's, tutorials, sharing tips, or answering community questions, adding a few animated screen grabs maybe helpful to you.


I'm using a free piece of software called Screen to Gif, it's Windows based and once launched it creates an adjustable view frame.  When ready you'll press Record and then save the image.gif, select Done and it will encode the animation, then you can insert as an image into your blog from it's saved folder into a community discussion.


You can download it here for MAC and Windows users is Recordit


Screen to Gif is a pretty intuitive app, so I'm not including an extensive tutorial here, however I wanted to bullet some suggestions and point out the app settings window and my recommended Gif settings. It's actually very fun to use, and if there's some interest here, I'll make a tutorial video if that helps, please request that in comments below.

9056_App Setting Screen to Gif.jpeg


  • The limit on the community image is 2mb, so set your Gif settings lower to accommodate this.
  • Go slow as possible as you demo
  • Plan ahead and break up the steps into separated animations. (under 10 sec if possible, the intention is visual support, not a full fledge demo)
  • Choose lower settings at first, using the Lower Settings Image icon to adjust (shown below)
  • Set your destination folder, "Save Directly to Folder"  using the Lower Settings Gear icon to adjust (shown below)
  • Consider having your report or graph pre- launched (ready), so that they appear in the Gif frame window, (or drag them back in)
  • Run thru process a few times, and pre-Save the report or graph saved to your Data Table.
  • Advanced - There are several settings you can do after you stop recording, You can edit or cut the timeline or add annotations, like text with arrows.
  • My recommended Gif settings: Quality 2-4, Time 7-10 secs, 10 frames per sec, size 500kb-1mb


That's it , email with any questions, happy to demo this online if needed or even help create your Gif Animation in JMP.


Example Animation : Quality 2, Time 7 secs, 10 frames per sec, size 500kb

9057_Animation 0.gif

9058_Frame Setting Screen to Gif_low.jpeg

Settings from the Lower Image Icon

9059_Gif Setting Screen to Gif_low.jpeg

App Settings from the Lower Gear Icon

9060_App Setting Screen to Gif.jpeg

Last Modified: Feb 4, 2020 3:32 PM