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12 Obvious Things About JMP

These are 12 basic JMP operations I picked up my first 6 months learning JMP that helped me grow into a more advanced JMP user.  If you have any other JMP demo videos you'd like to see, please message me here @ryandewitt


  1. How to Deselect All Columns and Rows
  2. How to Access Everything Related to What You're Doing 
  3. How to Move Columns
  4. How to Export a File (Save As) 
  5. How to Switch Orientation of a Histogram Distribution
  6. How to Import (Open) an Excel File  
  7. How to Save a Script, Report or Graph to a Data Table
  8. How to Run a Script, Pre-Built Report or Visualization
  9. How to Change Graph (Elements) in Graph Builder
  10. How to Adjust Capitalization with Recode
  11. How to Subset Data with Data View
  12. How to Copy and Paste a Report into Word
Last Modified: Feb 12, 2024 11:01 AM