RTP JMP User's Group Meeting Oct 11, 2016

Lets get the group together to share highlights and discoveries from the Discovery Summit

Last week at the Discovery conference I learned a ton of new tips and tricks for working with data and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one!

    Where & When:Tuesday Oct 11, at the SAS campus in Cary NC. Building F (training building, Google Maps).

    5:30 - 6:00 Networking and Snacks

    6:00 - 7:30 Meeting

    Cost: Free

    Who: Any JMPer, whether you went to the Discovery Summit or not.



1. Discovery Summit Highlights

          -Analysis insights

          -Formulas and JSL

          -Hot talks and posters

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Re: RTP JMP User's Group Meeting Oct 11, 2016

Meeting Notes

1. Discovery 2016 recorded presentations: 

     Lots of the talks were recorded and the slide decks, journals and example tables are attached to the talk pages.

     This is super helpful if you weren't able to attend more than one talk at a time during Discovery, or if you wanted to catch up on the latest.

2. Handling specification limits in column formulas

Jerry Cooper presented a really unique method of using spec limit properties in a column formula

    His talk is here:  Letting Go of Excel: Hello Formula Editor

    In the link, you can download his data table. The two interesting formulas are in these columns


    Names Default To Here( 1 );

    specs = :height << getproperty( "Spec Limits" );

    isResult = Function( {x, y},

      :height << Color Cells( x, Row() );




            :height > specs["USL"], isResult( 3, 1 ),

            :height < specs["LSL"], isResult( 5, -1 ),

            specs["LSL"] <= :height <= specs["USL"], isResult( 4, 0 )


The big Ah-Ha is the getting the spec limit property in the formula.


    {"Too Short", "Just Right", "Too Tall"}[Loc Sorted( [0, 64, 68.1], :height )]

Here, getting the values in a matrix and then using that sorting to produce labels. Its easier than a conditional match.

3. Control Chart Builder

    Event Chooser is a new option for Attribute charts. This is very very handy.

    Annie Dudley Zangi's talk is here Control Chart Builder Can Do That?

4. Creating Dynamic Workflows

    Brady Brady, hits the ball out of the park with completely unglued new utility that he presented in his talk

    Creating Your Own Dynamic Workflow With JMP® Custom Starter Menus

    If there was only one thing you had to take away and try from all the talks at Discovery, this is #1. (IMHO)

    Here's what you do.

          1. Download his template table, and the add-in, run the add-in to install it.

          2. Edit the template table. I made a short one for this meeting (attached below)

          3. Run the script in the table. This script makes a new script.

          4. Run the new script. This script makes a simple straight forward JMP Starter-like window with buttons and everything

     Fast and Easy Custom Menus in JMP

Note about the attachment. The links are to files that are not included in the file, so that means that the JMP Starter it generates won't actually work for you, its just an example.

JMP Systems Engineer, Pharm and BioPharm Sciences
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