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Metcalfs of the World

My paternal grandmother's mother's (my great grandmother) maiden name was Metcalf. This is still a very common family name in England, particularly in North Yorkshire. The name "Metcalfe" in all its variations of spelling is said to be derived from Middleton Calf Top, a hill near Dent in the Yorkshire Dales. It has been traced back to William Medecalf de Dent who was the occupier of Middleton Calf Top in the 12th century. I love that we can trace back  part of our family to such a specific time and location. And a very beautiful place as well.


Middleton Calf Top near Dent in the Yorkshire Dales. This is the origin of the family name, Metcalf.Middleton Calf Top near Dent in the Yorkshire Dales. This is the origin of the family name, Metcalf.




I got all this from The Metcalfe Society. On their website I also found data on the location of places around the world that use the name Metcalf. I imported to JMP using File > Internet Open and pasting the web page URL. So I thought it would be fun to visualise this in JMP Public to get a sense of how these Yorkshire people have spread around the world. You can also download the dataset and see some of the work that I did to prepare the data -- you will need to register to log in for that. You can hover on points for the place name and also images for points marked with *.

I recommend a laptop or larger screen for this visual.


Here and here are some suitable for smartphones screens:



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