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Machine Learning Workshop, London, March 2019

Attached are slides, exercises and the JMP add-in from the Machine Learning Workshop.SAS London 2.jpg


Chris Gotwalt, Director of Statistics R&D at JMP, presented on an introduction to Machine Learning with JMP Pro. Customers from Chemicals, Semiconductor, Biotech, Manufacturing, Medical Devices and other industries attended. They all got to have a go at using JMP Pro to understand a complex modelling problem and competed to win the book - Building Better Models with JMP Pro.


I can also recommend this white paper by Roger Hoerl. It is an excellent description of the need to keep using the scientific method alongside Big Data Analytics.


Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

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Phil - there seems to be some server problems when trying to downloading the .pdf and .docx files. No problem with the addin or the .zip.

Using Chrome, the error returned is: sent an invalid response


Community Manager

Chrome doesn't like commas in filenames. I removed them and they should work fine now.