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5 minute case study: Understanding costly defects with advanced data analytics

A company was casting thousands of complex components every year and the defect rate was more than 10%. The cost of this high scrap rate was unsustainable: millions of dollars per year. Also, there was a big cost of lost sales and credibility because of more demand from customers than they could supply. Bringing in "big data" consultants had not solved the problem.


The solution was to put data analytics tools in the hands of the engineers. The combination of domain knowledge and advanced data analytics enabled them to rapidly grasp causes of defects and work with suppliers to reduce the scrap rate.


The result was increased credibility for the engineers and the facility, reduced costs and increased revenue.


Slides from the case study along with the (simulated) JMP data table are attached. Note: some of the scripts in the data table are for advanced analytics that will only run in JMP Pro.


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