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Tobacco Road Football?

Tobacco Road and the Triangle region of North Carolina are generally known in sports for college basketball, but this fall, the three schools in the Triangle (Duke, NCSU, and UNC) are all doing well in football. Last weekend, after all three teams won their respective games to improve to a combined 17-4 record, it got me wondering when (if ever) the three were all concurrently doing so well record-wise.

I was able to get their historical records from a website called sports-reference: College Football at

I used Internet Open (under the File Menu) in JMP to open the records information from the three webpages. Since there are headers midway through the tables on the website, I had to select one of those rows, select the Select Matching Cells option in the context click menu, and then delete those rows. After that, I updated the winning percentage and year columns to be numeric so they would show up correctly on a graph. Then, using Tables > Concatenate, I combined the three tables and used Graph Builder to produce a graph showing the mean winning percentage of the three teams by year. I used the Local Data Filter to only show the years since the inception of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).


The graph shows that this year's mean winning percentage is 0.815 (this includes UNC's win last night as well). There are still some games among the three teams (Duke vs UNC and UNC vs NCSU) which will lower the mean winning percentage. But, currently this seems to be a strong year for Triangle football. I labeled the other 4 highest years since the beginning of the ACC. The highest mean winning percentage for an entire season was 0.698 in 1963, a year in which UNC and NCSU were co-champions of the conference.

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