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Platform Preferences

A comment on Re: how to change default summary statistics displayed in distributions made me realize that it might not be obvious to a lot of JMP users that some platforms have multiple platform entries in the Platform Preferences window. In the case of this particular discussion question, some options in the Distribution platform are not listed as platform preferences under "Distribution". There are also options listed under "Distribution Summary Statistics". These options allow you to customize the summary statistics that show up in subsequent instances of the Distribution platform. I like to use it to add the Sum statistic to the report, because every once in a while, I'm working on a project where the sum of a column is what I'm really interested in.

The list below should help you get started thinking about how to find some of the groups of options that aren't listed in the same place as the platform name itself.

  • Bivariate
    • Bivariate Curve
    • Bivariate Nonpar Density
  • Distribution
    • Distribution Summary Statistics
    • Fit Distribution
  • Factor Analysis
    • Factor Analysis Fit Options
  • Life Distribution
    • Life Distribution - Compare Groups
    • Competing Cause
    • Mean Remaining Life (this appears in Competing Cause, which is a part of the Life Distribution platform)
  • Fit Least Squares
    • Effect Fit
    • LSMeans Comparisons

This list is by no means an exhaustive one. A hint for looking for some of these entries (or knowing to look) is that many of the red triangle menus that aren't in the uppermost outline node of a report will have an entry in the Platform Preferences.

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