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New Book: Building Better Models with JMP Pro

Building Better Models with JMP Pro  book cover

Hot off the presses!


The book Building Better Models with JMP Pro (BBM Pro) was released the end of July, and is available through the SAS Bookstore in hard copy or as an e-book.





BBM Pro was the brainchild of Jim Grayson (jgrayson), Professor of Operations and Management Science at Georgia Regents University.  Jim was searching for an approachable book on business analytics and predictive modeling that would serve as an introductory text for his graduate students and upper level undergraduates.  He decided that, in order to meet the needs of his students, a new book was needed.  This new book would be case study based, providing a framework for business analytics and modeling, with exercises and just a peek under the hood of the core modeling methods.  We quickly realized we needed more expertise and brainpower, and asked Sam Gardner (mathstatchem) to join our author team.  Great decision!


This was a long journey (Jim reminded me that we first discussed the concept of a business analytics book at the JMP Discovery Summit in 2012), and we'd like to thank everyone who supported us along the way!  In particular, the team of professors and other reviewers who provided motivation and valuable feedback and suggestions!


Now to the primary purpose of this blog.


Data sets for BBM Pro are available from the book page in the SAS Bookstore (Building Better Models with JMP® Pro).  Other resources for the book have been made available on the academic community site at Building Better Models with JMP Pro Textbook Page.  This page provides links to add-ins used in the book and to other resources, such as webinars, case studies and short guides and videos.


Course materials (slide decks) have also been provided by jgrayson and Bob Nydick, Professor of Management and Operations at Villanova University.  Since the book is new, these materials are still in progress.  But, Jim and Bob have kindly shared what they've developed thus far to serve as a reference or starting point for other professors developing similar course content. Thanks guys!


We'll be posting other resources and information on the textbook page based on input and comments we receive.  Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions, and please share your thoughts via comments on the textbook page.

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