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JMP and Excel - A Never ending story? - Part 0


Excel sheets are still a common source of data. For analytical purpose JMP users know better tools, but how to make good use of JMP’s functionalities if the data is in a shape that is not easy to import. How to handle different structures, multiple sheets in one table, different date formats, localization challenges and similar?

Over the next few posts I will show some examples of data sheets which do not have the trivial form of first row column names and data beyond. Also I will talk about possible challenges importing this data and guide you through some ways to overcome those challenges.

Errors in the data is a challenge by itself. Often the source is some human being typing in data into an Excel data sheet. See some ways on detecting and correcting those. In addition I will talk about date formats, different data types and other hick-ups you may have taken care of in the past before you can actually analyze the data.

All the information should be seen as hints rather than a golden solution and I'm happy to hear from you about your challenges with Excel data and how you face the challenge. I'm sure there are very interesting solutions out there and I'm very curious to hear about them! So please use this blog to post about your challenges. I hope I can address many of them in the future blog posts I'm writing.


And if you haven't seen JMP in action before and you are a convinced Excel user, you might want to take a look at those two guys in these short Episodes "Beyond Spreadsheets Ep. 1-5"

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