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Quick Guide to Text Explorer Advanced Options in JMP Pro

Here are a few quick tips for getting started with advanced Text Explorer Options in JMP Pro. My Discovery poster from Shenzhen is also attached. Curating text for analysis is hard work. Once all that hard work is done, don't stop with making a word cloud! Word clouds are a great way to visualize the text, and I am a fan of using the local data filter with them. JMP Pro has more powerful features to help you interpret and model text data.


Once you have curated text, don’t stop at the word cloud – try one of these other techniques to uncover meaning hidden in text data.


Are there underlying themes in the data?  Find which documents (rows) cluster together.
What conceptual topics and themes occur across documents with terms found together? 
Create stable variables from text analysis to use in modeling. Understand if topics contribute in a positive or negative way to an outcome variable.


Create output for market basket/association analysis.


Check out and download my poster from Discovery. It's a visual guide for getting started wtih advanced options in Text Explorer. The last slide has some clickable references, and I repeat some of them below. Do you have a favorite I've missed? Post it in the comments below!


JMP Text Explorer References:


Flying Through the Word Cloud Into Modeling With JMP(R) Pro Text Explorer ( 2019-EU-EPO-127 ) 


Chili Recipe Text Explorer Data 

HIGGINS JMP Pro Text Explorer Discovery 2019.jpg

Last Modified: Dec 21, 2023 2:01 PM